Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey There

I know I haven't posted much lately, but I've been pretty busy so I just thought I'd give a little update..I just started working at a new salon last week and have really liked it so far! I now work with my sister in law Sara at Salon Envious in South Jordan! I just needed a change, and it's so much closer to me, and most of my clients. It was hard to leave Capri cause I've been there for the last 7 years but it was time to move on I really am enjoying the new place and working with Sara! Besides that not too much has been going on Ive been working till 9:00 almost everynight. Ethan is now 5 1/2 months and is getting so fun and chubby! at his last Dr. appt he was in the 100% in weight and 20th % in length! I just laughed! Could you expect anything but? he's just a little ham I love it! and looks just like his daddy. I love to watch them together they're already buddies and do so many of the same looks and expressions! they even sleep the exact same way! I'll have to catch it and get a picture, Besides that our lives are pretty much same old, same old, just getting used to life as mom and dad and enjoying the ride!


KiMnRoB said...

What a healthy boy!
Are you coming to book club tomorrow night?
And good luck at your new salon!

LindsSawyer said...

Glad everything is going well! Sounds like the salon change was a good move...Really convenient area too!

Ashlie said...

I need to make an appointment at your new salon. My hair is growing so fast!! That is so cute about his height and weight! Just like his daddy. You are such a cute mommy!! Love ya to death!!

Rachel and Dan Schmalz said...

I love that little boy of yours! I did not realize how much I missed him when I was in Seattle. I want you to know that he is never a burden, and I am so glad that you let me watch him for you on Fridays. I wish I could help out more, but someday, when I don't have to work to pay the bills I will be able to do that. Thanks for getting me in to do my hair! You always do such a great job! I love you sweety!
Love ya

Katie said...

Kristy! I saw your blog off of Annie's so I had to say hi! I can't believe you and Jessie have a little boy! E-mail me at parkkatie@hotmail.com so I can invite you to my blog!

Abby and Eric said...

I bet Ethan is so cute! And he makes a cute turtle. I am excited for you and the new salon. sometimes it is good to change it up. i miss my old job well... i should say the girls but so far i am enjoying my new job. i SO miss our chats and you making me pretty. i will for sure call you before i come back home. glad to hear that you and the fam are doing good!