Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Christmas I'll never forget!

5 Reasons this year will be unforgotten..

1-Ethan's first!
2-Crazy weather!!
3-Spent the week getting thing ready to buy a house(I'm insane!)
4-Spent Christmas night at the ER, Ethan had a fever of 102, scary!! Found out he had a ear infection that was making him spike a fever.
5-Ethan was so sick we had to miss out on all Christmas on the Wright's side:( it was sad!

This year was pretty crazy but I couldn't complain cause I still spent the time with the two people most important to me! I've never been so scared, I learned a lot about what was important. Even though I would have loved to do the traditions we always do, there will be more years to come. But I'll never forget this one!
Here are some new pictures.. Ethan is now 7 months but these are from the last couple months..hope you all had a great holiday! love ya

Merry Christmas!!

Licking the bowl clean

After Dad after gave me a Bath


Shanna and Regan said...

He is one cute little boy!! I'm glad you guys had a Merry Christmas!

Ashlie said...

Can I just say that he is the cutest freakin kid I have ever seen. Those two pictures of him with food all over his face and the bath tub are so cute. Man I just want to kiss his face off!! I am so sorry that he got so sick. That was probably terrifying!! I am glad he is doing better though. I can't wait to see the pics of the house. Send them to me if you can. Love ya!

Brandon and Jaclyn Tapia said...

Sorry about the crazy Christmas but I agree spending it with the people you love is the best thing ever! I cannot believe how big he is getting he is sooo cute. Congrats on the new house that is exciting!

Sutton Family said...

He is the cutest kid ever!! I swear...if he wasnt my little E I dont know what I would do! I love my little E!!!!

Travis & Leslie Doman said...

Oh my heck that is so scary! I remember that happening to Kendra and you seriously feel like they are going to die! Kids make us crazy! I am glad he is ok! Hope you had a better New Years!

Jay said...

Kristi he is really Cute..I bet u love him to death...Nice to see nice things happening to all u guys....Jay Finlayson