Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lessons Learned

Well I haven't updated for awhile cause I've been working alot more, then by the time I get home all I wanna do is play with Ethan and hangout with Jesse, which I feel 100% ok with! But I did have a pretty neat weekend that I would like to share?
My Mom, sister Rachel, and sis in law Carrie all went to the "Successful Mothering Convention" on Saturday at the Expo Center. It's kinda been a tradition for us to hit up the fun "Girly" expo's, but this one was a first for us, and was a little different. Instead of it being a bunch of vendors and spending way too much $$$ they had hour long classes that you could take. They had classes from "how to get over not being a perfect mom", gardening, cleaning and organizing, styling,financial,relationships, and on and on!I wish I had the time, and attention span to go to all.. but I kinda just mapped out the two that I felt like I needed most. Which were "Organizing in three easy steps" and "Real Relationships,Real Results" so I left feeling very inlightened and just wanted to share what I learned... So The one on organizing my mom and sister didn't go to because let's face it they both could have taught the class. I on the other hand have been working hard on this and feel like I'm much better but not where I would like to be so here's some helpful tips I took from this Professional Organizer..
1-make sure everything in your home has it's own home
2- She said to have a donation box in your closet.. This will totally help me everyday when I'm getting ready I go through my clothes and think "I never wear this" but then it just sits till I have a DI cleanout, it would be much easier to just keep it in there and get rid of it as I go.
3- Throwing things away would mean admitting the money spent was wasted so many like myself will keep it around.. but ask yourself how much money and space is it costing to keep and maintain it?
4- for those with kids this one was a great one for me. It seems like Ethan will wear things a few times and he has already grown out of it so she said to just have a too small bin so when you do laundry you can just toss it in as you go! seems so simple why the hell have I not been doing this???
5- make a plan before you start your project I always think it's gonna need a whole day but if you start with a plan before it seems too not feel so overwhelming?
these things I'm sure many, like my mother and sister already do but for the rest of us I thought It would help? the Girls who taught the class in named Evelin Turner and her website is
So the next class I went to was so amazing I don't even think I could put it into words? I was laughing so hard! it was the REAL RELATIONSHIPS,REAL RESULTS. taught by this funny man named Matt Townsend he hosts a Radio show and JUST WROTE A BOOK CALLED "THE STARVED STUFF" coming out on V-Day. the point he tried to get across was, most of us usually have certain things we fight about.. money,sex,time, hobbies,GOLF!!!!ha ha etc. he called that the "SMOKE" it's always there and just never seems to go away right? but we never learn how to put out the"FIRE" so the same fight happens over and over. He also made the point that I thought was funny that none of us have these problems huh just all of our friends and neighbors do RIGHT! um doubt it! but he said that most of the fights people have are because whatever the fight may be it's usually becuse it's messing with one of the Starved emotions which stands for..
so next time your "Neighbor" since none of us fight..have a problem I've been trying to look at the STARVED and realize it's not the smoke, but the starved emotion (one of the ones up above)and it helps me recognize what the real "fire" is? I tried my best to explain what I learned but it's hard so you'll just have to read his book! I'm happy I got to spend some time with my mom and my sisters with all the other wife's, and mom's,who are all just tring the best we can to keep up with our CRAZY lives!


Melissa said...

That is so interesting! I wish I would have known about it. That sounds like something EVERYONE can benefit from in one way or another. I will definitely have to pick up the book! Girl - I added you to my blog so you can view it too.

The Pennington's said...

Too bad i couldnt go with you that day sounds like it was really good. Great ideas for organizing and i love the DI bin in the closet.